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Notices and alerts posted below reflect construction taking place in the Golden Triangle area. For other regional transportation projects, please visit or the interactive map for other project specific pages, where available.

You can follow Shift on Twitter at @ShiftSanDiego for up-to-date, real-time information about potential travel impacts like traffic, noise, rerouting and road closures related to construction in the Golden Triangle. Tag @ShiftSanDiego on your own posts to help others get around easier or notify the Shift team of additional construction impacts.

You can also text ShiftSD to 797979 to receive construction alerts on your smartphone.


Project Notices




  • Shift
    • Eblast: Construction Alert - I-5 Closures (Posted 7/12/19)
    • Eblast: Construction Alert - Southbound I-5 Closures (Posted 6/10/19)
    • Project Updates: Shift Program June Construction Update (Posted 5/23/19)
    • Project Updates: Shift Program May Construction Update (Posted 5/10/19)
    • Eblast: Upcoming Closures - I-5 Closures and AWW (Posted 4/10/19)
    • Project Updates: Shift Program April Construction Update (Posted 3/29/19)
    • Eblast: Upcoming Closures - Mid-Coast Trolley Underpass Construction (Posted 3/18/19)
    • Eblast: Upcoming Closures - Trolley Tunnel Underpass at La Jolla Colony Drive and Nobel Drive Closures (Posted 3/5/19)
    • Eblast: Upcoming Overnight Closure of Southbound I-5 Lanes (Posted 2/27/19)
    • Eblast: Partial Intersection Closures and Lane Reductions Begin February 8 (Posted 2/5/19)
    • Eblast: Upcoming I-5 Closures In December (Posted 11/0/18)
    • Eblast: Construction Reminder: Upcoming I-5 Closures (Posted 11/26/18)
    • Eblast: Construction Update – Upcoming I-5 Closures for Mid-Coast Trolley Work (Posted 11
    • Project Updates: Shift Program October Construction Update (Posted 10/30/18)
    • Eblast: Reminder Overnight Closures of Southbound I-5 Lanes (Posted 10/26/18)
    • Eblast: Upcoming Overnight Closures of I-5 for Gilman Drive Bridge Project (Posted 10/19/18)
    • Eblast: Partial Intersection Closure at Eastgate Mall (Posted 10/12/18)
    • Eblast: Partial Intersection Closure and Night Work Near Train Tracks (Posted 10/5/18)
    • Project Updates: Shift Program September Construction Update
    • Eblast: Full Closure of I-5 Near Gilman Drive (Posted 9/20/18)
    • Eblast: Partial Intersection Closures on Genesee Avenue (Posted 9/14/18)
    • Eblast: Partial Intersection Closures and Lane Closures (Posted 9/7/18)
    • Project Updates: Shift Program August Construction Update (Posted 8/29/18)
    • Project Updates: Shift Program July Construction Update (Posted 7/25/18)
    • Eblast: All Southbound and Several Northbound I-5 Lanes Closed for Concrete Pour July 10 (Posted 7/10/18)
  • Build North Coast Corridor
    • Project Update: Build NCC: June In Review (Posted 7/2/19)
    • Project Update: Build NCC: May In Review (Posted 6/3/19)
    • Project Update: Enjoy NCC: A Trio of Construction Projects Completed (Posted 5/9/19)
    • Project Update: Build NCC: April Project Update (Posted 5/1/19)
    • Project Update: San Elijo Lagoon Double Track Project Update (Posted 4/11/19)
    • Project Update: Build NCC: March Project Update (Posted 4/2/19)
    • Construction Alert: San Elijo Lagoon Double Track Project (Posted 3/15/19)
    • Speed Limit Announcement: Caltrans Announces Speed Limit Reduction Along I-5 Construction in Encinitas and Carlsbad (Posted 3/8/19)
    • Project Update: Build NCC: February Project Update (Posted 2/28/19)
    • Construction Alert: Lane Modification on S. Coast Highway 101 (Posted 2/8/19)
    • Construction Alert: Weekend Work Planned for February (Posted 2/4/19) 
    • Construction Update: Upcoming Work Inside the Interstate 5 Median (2/1/19)
    • Project Update: Build NCC January Project Update
    • Construction Update: Temporary Concrete Barrier Placement on I-5 to Begin Jan. 6 (Posted 1/3/18)
    • Project Update: Build NCC December Project Update (Posted 12/27/18)
    • Project Update: Night Work on New I-5 Carpool Lanes to Begin December 2 (Posted 11/29/18)
    • Project Update: Build NCC October Project Update (Posted 10/29/18) 
    • Project Update: Weekend Work Continues on the San Elijo Lagoon Double Track Project (Posted 10/18/18) 
    • Project Update: San Elijo Lagoon Double Track: Weekend Work Planned for October (Posted 10/9/18)
    • Project Update: Build NCC Project Update - Removal of San Elijo Lagoon Trestle Bridge (Posted 10/2/18)
    • Eblast: Overnight Road Closures on Manchester Avenue (Posted 9/22/18)
    • Project Update: Build NCC September Project Update (Posted 9/11/18)
    • Project Update: Night and Weekend Work Planned for Rail Improvements (Posted 9/4/18)
    • Eblast: Overnight Road Closures in Effect on Manchester Avenue Aug. 1 and 2 (Posted 8/1/18)
    • Project Update: Build NCC Project Makes Headway Throughout June and July (Posted 7/26/18)
    • Eblast: Overnight Road Closures Planned on Manchester Avenue Beginning July 23 Through July 26 (Posted 7/20/18)
    • Eblast: Overnight Street Closures Planned in Encinitas July 18 - 19 (Posted 7/18/18)
    • Eblast: Overnight Road Closures Planned Monday through Thursday on Manchester Avenue starting July 9 (Posted 7/10/18)
    • Construction Update: Construction Crews Break Ground on Encinitas Segment of the Coastal Rail Trail (Posted 5/9/18)
    • Project Update: Highway Crews Continue Construction on New Bridge (Posted 4/4/18)
  • SuperLoop
    • Project Update: SANDAG Completes Final Phase of SuperLoop Rapid Transit Stations (Posted 8/9/18)
    • Notice SuperLoop 201/202 Detour from 5/3/17 to 5/19/19
    • Eblast: Poinsettia Station Improvements Project: Night work planned for the next two weeks starting July 9 (Posted 7/10/18)