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Program Overview

What is Shift San Diego?

Over the next several years, nearly 50 major public, private and transportation infrastructure projects are underway or planned for the University City/La Jolla neighborhoods that can impact traffic flow and daily commutes. The Shift program, formed by the San Diego Association of Governments, is designed to provide residents, businesses and commuters impacted by construction with information and resources to minimize disruption, confusion and potential traffic challenges, as well as provide transportation solutions. Additionally, the program will serve as a unique hub for coordination and communication between the construction teams involved with each major project.

Shift Your Way of Traveling

In addition to information regarding construction impacts, Shift provides guidance on transportation solutions to ease daily commutes including: carpooling, vanpooling, biking, walking, taking transit and other mobility options.
For more information, please contact us, or check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or view the Shift Program Overview Video..